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Equities watch – German Election

City Index Market Analyst Ken Odeluga looks at all the major Equities news in the run up to the German election. Join Ken for a look at recent results for major German and European stocks as well as key technical levels to watch for the week.

First broadcast on Mon Sep 18th, 09:30 BST.


Market Outlook – German Election

Research Director Kathleen Brooks reviews the market impact of the upcoming German Election. Join Kathleen for a look at the latest news, trading ideas and market moving events ahead of the vote.

First broadcast on Thu Aug 14th, 11:00 BST.


Introduction to Spread Betting

Josh Gilbert explains how spread betting works, the benefits and risks, and how you can place your first trade in this 30 minute webinar.

First broadcast on Fri Sep 1st, 12:30 BST.


The big stories from Earnings Season

Equity analyst, Ken Odeluga, discussses the major themes and action from an action packed earning season over July and August 2017.

First broadcast on Thu Aug 10th, 9:30 BST.


Non-farm payroll preview with Kathleen Brooks

Kathleen Brooks discusses what to expect ahead of US non-farm payroll data released on Friday 4th August 2017.

First broadcast on Thu Aug 3rd, 15:30 BST.


Earnings Season Special Banking Tech Stock Focus

City Index Analyst Ken Odeluga picks the highlights in a busy week for Banking and Tech Stocks. In this webinar Ken looks at expectations for Netflix, Microsoft, JPMorgan and more as well as technical levels to watch and key trading ideas around earnings season reports.

First broadcast on Thu July 13th, 9:30 BST.


Earnings Season Preview with Ken Odeluga

Join City Index Market Analyst Ken Odeluga for a look at trading around Earnings Season. Ken talks about what to expect from the financial and industrial sectors, the main drivers behind expected performance trends and how to identify standout trading opportunities during earnings season.

First broadcast on Thu June 29th, 9:30 BST.


Trading Indices when volatility is low

City Index Research Director Kathleen Brooks hosts a special webinar looking at how to use Options to trade Indices during times of low volatility. Watch the video to find out how to identify trading opportunities when volatility is low, how to use Options strategies and the benefits of buying or selling both a put and call.

First broadcast on Wed June 21st, 9:30 BST.


Retail Sales Data

City Index Market Analyst Ken Odeluga hosted a live webinar where he looked what impact Retail Sales figures could have on the markets over the coming weeks. Catch up with Ken’s webinar now and find out more about trade ides around Retail Sales data, which Shares may be worth watching in the short and medium term and technical levels to watch.

First broadcast on Thurs June 15th, 10:30 BST.

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