Terms and Conditions for Jiasheng-asia.com Funding Promotion

1. You agree that by participating in the FOREX.com Funding Promotion (“Funding Promotion”) you will be bound by these terms and conditions (“Funding Promotion Terms”) as well as the general terms and conditions (including any supplemental terms) that apply to your Account (“Our Terms”). Capitalised terms and expressions used in these Funding Promotion Terms shall have the same meaning as in Our Terms unless specified otherwise.

您同意参加FOREX.com嘉盛集团的 “入金返现活动”(下文称“促销活动”),您将遵守这些条款和条件(下文称“促销条款”)以及其他通用条款和条件(包括任何补充条款)(下文称 “我们的条款”)。除非 “促销条款” 中另有规定,否则其中使用的大写条款和表述与 “我们的条款” 具有相同的含义。

2. This promotion is offered by Jiasheng-asia.com (“Jiasheng-asia.com”, “we”, “our” or “us”). FOREX.com is a trading name of GAIN Global Markets Ltd.

此次促销活动是由Jiasheng-asia.com嘉盛集团提供(下文称 “Jiasheng-asia.com”, “我们” 或 “我们的” )FOREX.com嘉盛集团是嘉盛全球市场有限公司(GAIN Global Markets Ltd)的交易品牌。

3. To be eligible to take part you must;


a) Be a new client or an existing client that has never funded


b) opt in by clicking "opt in" on your invitation email on or before 30 April 2019

在2019年4月30日或之前通过点击您收到的邀请邮件中 “参加” 按钮参加本次活动

c) fund your account with an initial deposit of $1000 (or USD equivalent) or more and

您的账户首次入金 $1000(或USD等值)或更多

d) Complete 1 trade (as defined below) within 14 days from the date on which you opted in 在您选择参加之日起的14天内完成1笔合资格交易(定义见下文)

Anyone who meets all the criteria above shall be a “Qualifying Client”. 符合上述所有条件者均可成为 “合格客户”