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How do I Qualify?

Trade with City Index and you’ll receive a monthly cash rebate each month you trade. The more you trade the more you are rewarded.

To receive monthly cash rewards you simply need to:

Be a Professional Client.

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Trade the volumes shown below within a calendar month.*

Asset Class traded Example monthly volume  Tier Example rebate
Indices only £205m  Tier 3 205 x £7.50 = £1,537.50
FX only £70m  Tier 1 70 x £4 = £280
Indices & FX £50m
(£25m on Indices and £25m on FX)
 Tier 1 25 x £4 (FX) + 25 x £2 (Indices) = £150

Note: We will also make partial pro-rata payments for any partial millions of monthly trading volume. For example, if you trade £50.5m in trading volume on Indices you will receive a rebate of £101 (50 x £2 for each full million of monthly trading volume and 0.5 x £2 for the remaining half million of monthly trading volume).

You can review full terms and conditions here.

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