Professional Trader eligibility

Suitable for highly experienced traders only, a Professional Trader account comes with greater risks involved. To qualify, you need to meet two of three criteria:

  • Place a minimum of 40 significantly sized trades per year
  • Have a financial instrument portfolio of at least €500,000
  • Worked in a professional position in the financial sector (min. 1 year)

Qualification criteria in detail

In order to qualify to become a Professional Client, you will need to meet at least 2 out of the 3 eligibility criteria outlined by the FCA. There will be no change to tax status or any additional cost to change to Professional Client status.

The criteria as follows:

Trade size & Volume
You have traded, in significant size, in the spread bet/forex/CFD markets or other leveraged products (e.g. indices, shares, spot FX, futures, options, other derivatives etc.) at an average frequency of 10 transactions per quarter 10 transactions per quarter over the previous four quarters (with City Index and/or other providers).

Size of portfolio
The size of your financial instrument portfolio, defined as including cash deposits and financial instruments, exceeds EUR 500,000 (or equivalent in your local currency).

Acceptable examples of savings and investments: Cash savings, stock portfolio, stocks and shares ISA, trading accounts, mutual funds, SIPP (excluding non-financial instruments).

Unacceptable examples of savings and investments: Company pension, non-tradeable assets, property, luxury cars, jewellery.
Professional Experience
You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position, which requires knowledge of the transactions or services envisaged.