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  • Your new account will be a CFD trading account. Spread Betting accounts are unavailable.
  • Your account will be authorized and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • Certain markets are unavailable for City Index Australia. Your account will also be subject to City Index Australia pricing, margins and spreads.
  • Protections mandated by the European Securities and Markets Authority (including leverage restrictions and negative balance protection) will not apply to your account(s). Local ASIC protections will still apply.
  • Your funds will be subject to different client money rules and will not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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If selected, you hereby understand and accept that you have requested the specified margin funds be transferred out of your existing account at City Index according to your instructions below. Sufficient margin funds must remain to support any and all Open Positions in your existing account, according to the terms and conditions in the City Index Customer Agreement.
Please note that the transfer amount will be in your current base currency.
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  1. I understand that City Index is a trading name of GAIN Capital Australia Pty Ltd and I am applying to open a trading account with GAIN Capital Australia Pty Ltd (City Index Australia);
  2. I have received, read and understood City Index Australia's Financial Services Guide, Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), Privacy Policy, Customer Agreement (together “Documents”) Website Policy, Mobile Terms, Dispute Resolutions Policy and Advantage Trader Terms (together “Documents”) and agree to be bound by the terms of the Documents
  3. I consent to receiving the Documents in electronic form. I also give my consent to receive documents such as trade confirmations, daily statements, monthly statements, receipt of funds in electronic form.
  4. I agree that City Index Australia will deal in its derivative products and provide its services to me on the terms and conditions of the Documents (as amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time);
  5. I have given consideration to my objectives, financial situation or needs, the content of the Documents and the risk of loss which accompany the prospects of profit associated with dealing in City Index Australia’s products/services, and formed the opinion that dealing in City Index Australia's products/services are suitable for my circumstances and purposes;
  6. I am aware that investing in derivatives carries a high level of risk to capital, and due to the potential volatility and fluctuation in value, I may not get back the amount of my original investment and in certain circumstances I may be liable to pay a greater sum, with losses being higher than my initial deposit;
  7. I understand and agree that City Index Australia may vary, update or replace the Documents at any time when City Index reasonably considers necessary by:
    1. written notice to me; or
    2. posting the notice of changes or new Documents on City Index Australia's websites; or
    3. sending me a written notice containing a link to the notice of changes or new Documents; or
    4. as otherwise permitted by applicable law;
  8. I declare that the information contained in this application is true and correct (including the authenticity of the identification documents) and I will notify City Index Australia in writing immediately if the information contained in this application materially changes or ceases to be correct;
  9. I have been advised by City Index Australia to obtain independent legal and financial advice concerning its products/services and the Documents. I have obtained appropriate and sufficient advice concerning the terms of the Documents;
  10. I consent to City Index Australia collecting, maintaining, using and disclosing personal information about me and provided by me or by another person as described in the PDS;
  11. I agree that City Index Australia may charge to my account any fees and charges as set out in the PDS, government charges, taxes or duties imposed on transactions on/or which relate to my account;
  12. I agree to check my account statements/trade confirmations daily and notify City Index Australia immediately of any errors or unusual transactions;
  13. I confirm that I am authorised to provide the personal details presented and I consent to my information being checked with the document issuer or official record holder for the purpose of confirming my identity.
  14. I confirm that I have self-elected to open an account at City Index Australia and was not solicited to do so in any way; and
  15. I agree to the sharing of my personal data with City Index Australia.

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