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Share, Stock, or Equities trading has a long history as one of the world's most popular forms of investment.

  • Company Share trading takes place in global exchanges
  • Each major Stock exchange has its own sets of indexes representing the biggest companies
  • Share market trading can involve individual Stocks or Indexes
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Silver value

Silver is frequently seen as the poor cousin of gold, having many similar features. Silver is a good store of value - attracting buying during times of market upheaval, as an asset less affected by world politics and economy. 

Although we frequently think of silver as a jewellers’ metal, it has many uses in manufacturing and industry, and particularly in electrical applications. Its non-toxic properties mean that it can also be used in medicine and healthcare. Advances in electronics and other industries mean that more silver will be needed for various applications in the future, thereby enhancing silver’s value.

Trading the silver price

Like gold, silver can be traded in the form of bars or coins or as a derivative like a Contract for Difference. Silver prices are driven by news of supply changes such as silver miners increasing output or strikes disrupting production. Traders should keep a close eye on silver news as this can have a big impact on the silver price. Fluctuation in the supplies of scrap metal, previously used silver or old jewellery, can also influence silver prices.