Share market news

One of the world’s most popular forms of investment, Share, Stock, or Equities trading has a long history and influences the world.

  • Company Share trading takes place in global exchanges
  • Each major Stock exchange has its own Index representing the biggest companies
  • Share market trading can involve individual Stocks or multiple Indices
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What is a Share market?

Share markets, Stock markets or Equity markets are all names used to identify exchanges where Shares can be traded – whether large caps or penny Stocks. Stock markets can be physical markets, where traders still stand in trading pits – such as on the New York Stock Exchange, or electronic where trades are executed at the press of a button.  

London has the London Stock Exchange, one of the world's oldest Stock markets, where hundreds of large company's Shares are traded, and the smaller sub-market AIM for smaller companies.

How to trade Share markets

There are a number of ways to trade Shares. You can focus on trading shares in a specific company. You may choose to take a bigger view and trade an entire Stock Market, using and Index. In London the main Index is the FTSE 100, comprising the 100 biggest companies traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Whichever trade you choose, it’s important to pay close attention to Stock market news. Announcements such as company results, investment decisions and reports on wider factors that may impact the profitability of the companies you’re interested in.