Share market news

Share, Stock, or Equities trading has a long history as one of the world's most popular forms of investment.

  • Company Share trading takes place in global exchanges
  • Each major Stock exchange has its own sets of indexes representing the biggest companies
  • Share market trading can involve individual Stocks or Indexes

Gold Market Analysis and Insights

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Gold value in turbulent markets

Throughout the world, gold has served as a form of security and currency for millennia. To this day gold is given at weddings and birthdays, as a present, intended to see its new owner through any financial difficulty. Central banks also keep gold in their reserves.

People flock into gold at times of political and economic crisis - as gold value is preserved even when currencies gain or lose their own value. The gold price is very similar to its actual physical properties; it value is preserved no matter what the elements may throw at it.

Trading spot Gold

Gold can be traded in physical form, in the shape of gold bars measured in troy ounces, or traded as a financial instrument, for instance gold futures, gold spread bets or gold exchange traded futures. Spot gold acts almost as a currency, and the gold price can also be traded as part of a currency pair against any other currency in the foreign currencies market. For many traders, one of the most popular gold trades is Spot Gold v USD.