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Ongoing Brexit negotiations have the power to disrupt markets until Britain’s membership of the EU officially lapses - at midnight March 29 2019.

  • Share prices often respond to Brexit announcements
  • Brexit news stories can cause currencies to rise or fall
  • Indices like the Dax and FTSE 100 respond to Brexit news

Brexit Analysis and Insights

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What is the 'transition' period?

Transition refers to a period of time - 29 March, 2019, to 31 December, 2020 - elected to allow for The EU and UK government to agree and to implement the terms of Brexit, allowing businesses and others to prepare for the moment post-Brexit rules between the UK and the EU come into force. 

This period also allows more time for the implications of this new relationship to be hammered out in greater detail. Free movement will continue during the transition period, as the EU requested. The UK will be able to strike its own trade deals - although they won't come into force until 1 January 2021.

With much negotiation remaining and Brexit set to influence so many elements of business, social and national life for so many countries, it is essential you stay on point and fully informed of the events surrounding Brexit at every turn.