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What is an IPO?

An IPO stands for initial public offering, it’s the first time a private company sells shares of its stock to the public. The process is often referred to as ‘going public’.

For companies, listing their shares on a stock exchange gives them the chance to raise capital for growth initiatives and to raise their profile. For traders and investors, an IPO is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of growing companies or take a position on volatility.

Learn more about what an IPO is and how the process works.

Recently, companies have been choosing to go public via a SPAC – or special purpose acquisition company. By merging with another company, private firms can ‘go public’ without the need for a traditional IPO.

SPACs have become increasingly popular as they’re quicker and less regulated, meaning companies that wouldn’t be accepted in the normal IPO process can still find a route to financial markets.

Find out more about SPACs.

How to trade IPOs

Take a position on popular IPOs as soon as the shares list in four simple steps:

  1. Open an account, or log in if you’re already a customer
  2. Search for the company you want to trade
  3. Choose your position and size, and your stop and limit levels
  4. Place the trade and monitor the market

Upcoming IPOs

There are so many upcoming IPOs and SPACs, with new listings happening every single day. Here are a few of the most anticipated listings that we’ve been keeping an eye on.

The highly anticipated IPO of craft beer company BrewDog is expected in 2021. Find out more about the company and its £2 billion valuation.
EG Group’s IPO is predicted to be one of the largest listings in the UK – with valuations of over £10 billion. Learn more about EG Group.
Oxford Nanopore shot to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic. Discover more about the DNA tech start-up and its £7 billion IPO.
Grab is set to go public in the US through the biggest-ever SPAC deal on record. Learn about Grab and its listing ahead of its debut.
Car retailer Cazoo is set to go public in the US via a SPAC. Learn about the growing company and its $1.6 billion listing.
Robinhood filed for an IPO in March 2021 – it’s likely the listing will take place in late Q2. Discover everything you should know about Robinhood before it goes public.
Vantage Towers IPO
Vodafone’s spin-off of its rapidly growing subsidiary Vantage Towers could raise up to €2.3 billion. Learn more about the Vantage Towers IPO.
Online social trading firm eToro announced its intention to go public in Q3 2021 via a SPAC. Discover everything you should know about eToro before it goes public.
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Latest IPO news

  • Chime IPO: Everything you need to know about Chime

    Chime has grown into a neobank contender alongside the likes of N26, Revolut and Nubank, and is now targeting what could be a blockbuster stock market flotation. Here’s the lowdown on the company in advance of the Chime IPO.

  • Reddit IPO: Everything you need to know about Reddit

    Popular – but controversial – online discussion forum Reddit is rumoured to be going public within the next year. Find out everything we know about the Reddit IPO and company’s potential $15 billion valuation.

  • Olam IPO: Everything you need to know about Olam

    Olam partners with independent farmers across the world to help them bring natural and sustainable food ingredients to market. It has announced its intention to list its core operating group Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) via an initial public offering (IPO). Read on to discover why Olam wants to go public.


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