Wall Street DFT

Trade major Indices with a 1 point spread in market hours
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Product Information

Instrument Name Wall Street DFT
Spreads 2 Points
Trading Hours 24 hours/day*
Guaranteed Order Min Distance 0.17 %
CFD trading of the Wall Street Index allows leveraged exposure to the US stock market and allows you to track the performance of equities on Wall Street today. The CFD is based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index (DJIA), consisting of 30 major US companies, chosen to provide a cross-section of the US economy. Fluctuations in the US economy, the strength of the dollar and significant US political decisions further influence the value of the Wall Street Index and affect price changes. CFD trading of the index, rather than a single stock, provides the twin advantages of eliminating some of the risk involved with trading a single stock, while providing a more diversified exposure to the broader US market.

Why trade Indices?

24 hour trading

Many Indices are open 24 hours and do not have restricted trading hours

Trading opportunities

Media and analysts present regular trading opportunities on Indices

Trade on diverse sectors

Indices benefit from market movement across a greater variety of sectors
Global Opportunities

Global opportunities

Trade on price movement of major Indices from the US, Europe and Asia

Short the markets

Trade on falling markets (going short) as well as rising markets

Trade anytime, anywhere

Trade on desktop, close on mobile, our accounts work on multiple devices
Trade major Indices with a 1 point spread in market hours