MT4 Orders and Positions

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The following FAQs apply to clients who held open positions at 10pm BST on 27th July, and thus have both 'New' and 'Existing' accounts (with the exception of Q2, which applies to all new positions opened from 29th July).

Q1) How do I open new positions?

To open a new position, ensure you have logged in to your New account. You can then open a new position as you would do normally from within the trading platform.

Q2) What are the margin requirements for new positions?

You can view revised margin rates for Retail and Professional Traders from 29th July onwards below.

New Min. Professional Margin Rates  New Min. Retail Margin Rates 
Major Indices 0.25%  5%
Major FX 0.25%  3.33%
Commodities 0.5%  10%
Shares  3% 20%
Crypto  5% 50%

Q3) Why is my margin requirement not decreasing after I place stop loss orders?

Due to ESMA regulations, we can no longer offer the option to reduce margin requirements for any reason. This includes the option of “orders aware margins” that City Index had included on some mar kets, which reduced margins according to attached orders.

Q4) Can I open new positions on my Existing account, with the previous margin requirements?

You will only be able to open new positions using your New account, which will be subject to the revised retail margin rates outlined above. Professional Traders are exempt from these revised margin rates. To find out more, visit our Professional Trader page.

Q5) Are my existing positions subject to the new margin requirements?

No. Your existing positions will remain on the original margin settings that were in place when they were opened prior to 29th July.

Q6) Where are my existing positions?

Any existing open positions you held will appear under your Existing account. You'll need to log in to your Existing account to view and manage them.

Q7) Can I keep my existing positions open?

Yes. Existing positions will remain open (providing you maintain sufficient funds to cover margin requirements), until you decide to close them.

Q8) What will happen to stops and other risk management features on my open positions?

There will be no change to these features on open positions, however the account itself will become 'close only'.

Q9) I have an open position on a future contract. Can I roll over to the next contract?

Any quarterly future contracts can be rolled over to the next period. Any future contracts with other time periods, such as annual futures, will not have roll overs enabled. Please contact client management if you have a position you wish to rollover.

Q10) Where can I see my trading history?

To view your trading history, you'll need to switch to log in to your Existing account.

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