MT4 Account management

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Q1) What has changed regarding my account(s)?

If you didn’t have any open positions at 10pm BST on 27th July: You will be able to log on to your existing account as usual, with the same username and password. Your account will have been updated to implement the new ESMA regulations, including new adjusted margin levels and negative balance protection.

If you did have open positions at 10pm BST on 27th July: In order for us to enable new positions to be opened on separate margin settings (as dictated by ESMA) whilst maintaining any existing positions on previous margin settings, we have created a 'New' account for you, alongside your 'Existing' account. You have been emailed your new username and password for the new account, which you'll need to use to access the MT4 platform. 

Your existing account will have any existing positions you held (opened prior to 29th July) within it, and has been set to 'close only', meaning you can only close these positions and not open any new ones using this account. You can access this account using your existing username and password. 

Your new account will be used for placing any new trades in the future. You can log on to this account using the new username and password that have been emailed to you.

Q2) Will I need a separate username and password to access each account?

Yes. We've emailed you a new username and password for your new account. You can access your existing account using your existing username and password.

Q3) Will my existing account settings be available on my New account?

The account you will use for your future trading with us is completely new, and any settings you had saved on your old account will need to be re-established on your new account.

Q4) Will there be anything missing from my New account?

Your new account will not have any positions under it, until you open a new position. This is because any existing open positions reside under your existing account. Your new account will also have a zero cash balance, as any funds you had previously remain on your existing account.

Q5) How do I access my New account?

To access your new account, you'll need to log in using the username and password we've sent to you. You will also be able to switch between your existing and new accounts in My Account to transfer funds.

Q6) How do I access my Existing account?

To access your existing account, you'll need to log in using your existing username and password.

Q7) Which account should I use from now on?

You'll need to use your new account to open any new positions from 29th July onwards. To manage existing positions (opened prior to 29th July), you will need to use your existing account.

Q8) Will my existing account be closed after a certain amount of time?

Your existing account will remain open as long as you have existing positions open. If you wish to close your existing account, please contact us.

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