Margin Live Installation Widget Guide

  • Q: How can I install the Margin Live widget onto my computer?

    Step 1. 

    Click on the download link:


    If you are using Google Chrome 

    • The Margin Live installer file Marginlivesetup.exe is downloaded to your default download location, and appears in the download bar at the bottom of the browser. 
    • Double click on Marginlivesetup.exe file to start the installer and continue to Step 2.


    If you are using Firefox  

    • A popup download window appears. Click the Save File button then choose a location on your PC where the installer file Marginlivesetup.exe is saved. 

    • Navigate to where you saved the installer file and double click upon Marginlivesetup.exe to start the installer and continue to Step 2.

    If you are using Internet Explorer 

    • A popup appears at the bottom of the browser. Click Run to start the installer file from the browser and continue to Step 2. 

    Step 2

    • Click Next to begin the Setup process.

    Step 3

    • The installer automatically suggests a default location for the installation folder. Use the Browse button to change the location if required. Click Next to continue.


    Step 4

    • A default Start Menu name is suggested. Accept the default value, or change it as required. You can tick the Do not create shortcuts checkbox if you do not want a shortcut to Margin Live placed on your desktop.
    • Click Install to start.


    Step 5

    • Wait for the installer to finish. The installer will confirm Margin Live has been installed successfully. Click Finish to close the setup window.