Orders to Open Positions

  • Our range of Orders are incredibly flexible and whilst they can be used to minimise downside risks, they can also be used to maximise your trading potential on any future price trends that you may foresee. 

    You can use Orders to open new positions in the future when prices reach a specific level pre-determined by you, at which you would like to buy or sell. This means that should you spot a trading opportunity, be it at current or future market levels, there is always the possibility of maximising your trading potential.

    Opening Order Example: Sainsbury CFD

    For the purposes of this example, our Sainsbury CFD price is trading at 319p/320p. Over the last few days there has been a surge in Sainsbury’s share price, causing it to rally over 5% on hopes of a better-than-expected set of earnings.

    You believe that Sainsbury’s share prices will hit resistance should they reach a level of 330p, which will then cause prices to fall, thus representing a potential sell opportunity. You can use our wide range of orders to profit from this potential new trend.

    You place a new opening order to sell 1,000 Sainsbury CFDs, when our bid price reaches 330p. This means that as soon as the sell price of our Sainsbury's market reaches 330p, your order will be triggered and our systems will automatically enter you into a new sell trade of 1,000 CFDs.

    At City Index, our range of multi-access platforms enable you to place as well as monitor your orders. Orders can be placed either through our online platform or mobile and iPhone Apps and are a great tool to ensure that you don’t miss out on price moves without having to monitor market prices constantly. 


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