Risk Management

1. How do I place a Guaranteed Stop Loss Order?

To place a GSLO on your order:

Please be advised that you can only place/amend GSLOs within market hours, and minimum distances apply. Minimum distance will be shown on the deal ticket.

2. How do I place a trailing stop loss order?

A trailing stop is created by setting a stop order that 'trails' your position by a specific number of points. If your trade moves in your favour, the trailing stop moves with the market, executing only when the market moves against you by the set number of points.

3. How do I place an OCO order?

4. How do I hedge my position?

Click on ‘Advanced Ticket’ and select ‘Hedging’. This will then display a note on the trade ticket that says ‘Hedging is on’.

A ‘hedged’ position is when you go both long and short in the same market on a non-FIFO basis. FIFO stands for 'first in first out'. If you have multiple trades in the same market, placed on a FIFO basis, the first position to close is the first position placed in that market.

Non-FIFO allows you to open and close positions in the same market in any direction you wish. It doesn't prevent you from closing the first trade you placed, it simply gives you greater flexibility to open and close multiple positions in multiple directions.

5. How can I adjust price tolerance (slippage)?

6. Where can I find full market information details?

Market information can now be found on the ‘Product Page’ for each instrument. From a watchlist you can select ‘Product Page’ and all the information on margin requirements, spreads, stakes, market opening times and more are to be found in the left-hand column of the product page.

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