Managing Your Account

1. How do I log in?

Please login using the new link sent to you, and please bookmark the login page for easy future access.

2. I am having issues logging in?

Advantage Web Beta 2.0 is currently only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. If you do not have Google Chrome, please download it here.

We will support other browsers in the very near future, but if you are unable to use the Chrome browser in the meantime, please continue to use Advantage Web or our other platforms and apps.

Advantage Web 2.0 Beta is built using HTML5 technology so there is no need to download or run Adobe Flash Player.

3. Can I still use the Advantage Web platform?

Yes. You will have dual access to the new web trading platform as well as Advantage Web until further notice.

4. Will my account and orders be synced across all City Index platforms and apps?

Yes. Any trades and orders placed on Advantage Web 2.0 Beta will be visible across all City Index platforms and apps (excluding MT4). This enables you to place a trade on Advantage Web 2.0 beta and close it on the City Index mobile app, or vice versa.

5. Are my user settings, margin requirements and pricing the same?

Yes. There have been no changes to margin requirements, pricing, financing charges and our execution policy.

6. How do I place a trade?

This is very similar to how you trade on the current trade ticket.

7. Where can I view and manage my open positions?

Your open positions will be displayed in the ‘Open positions’ window, which is located at the bottom of your default workspace.

If you do not have one open, you can add one as follows:

You can add or edit stop and limit orders, and can close, or partially close positions from the open positions window.

8. Where can I view and edit pending orders?

Your pending orders will be displayed in the ‘Orders’ window.If you cannot see an orders window on your screen you can add one as follows:

If you have any pending orders you can edit them here. You can also add or edit stop and limit orders to your pending orders or delete orders.

9. Where can I view historical transactions?

10. How can I deposit or withdraw funds from my account?

To deposit or withdraw funds simply:

11. Where can I find my statements and contract notes?

To access your latest statements:

Managing your account

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