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  • Customise your platform experience
  • Fast speed to optimise your performance
  • Advanced, powerful charts
  • Web Trader Beta is optimized for Google Chrome
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    Take your trading to the next level

    A faster experience

    Advantage Web Plus is now even faster than before and features our trusted, reliable execution speeds.

    HTML5 technology

    Customise your workspace with advanced charts, 50+ indicators, price analysis overlays and powerful drawing tools.

    Simplified deal tickets

    Intelligent trade tickets feature smart take profit and risk management options plus an advanced tab for experienced traders.

    Trade your way

    Customise your trading experience with 360° Market View pages, multiple timeframe charts and the latest analysis.
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    What has stayed the same?

    We have kept all of your favourite features.

    Advantage Web 2.0 Beta FAQS
    Account syncing between all our platforms and apps
    Trade CFDs, spread bets and options from one platform
    Guaranteed and trailing stops and OCOs orders
    Live news feed from Thomson Reuters
    Option to switch to one-click dealing
    Choice of 12,000+ global markets
    Advantage Web 2.0 Beta FAQS

    Advantage Web Plus benefits:

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Set orders by price or points

      Stop losses and limit orders can now be set by a specified £ amount or points target, giving you even more control over how you manage your risk.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Smarter risk management

      Our new margin calculator shows you the percentage of available funds you are staking on each trade in real time, for smarter risk management.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Scale in and out of trades easily

      Place multiple stops and limits simultaneously on one trade ticket to easily stagger out of profitable positions or gradually reduce your risk should the market move against you.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      360° Market View pages

      Our 360° Market View pages give you everything you need to make informed trading decisions. Get market information at a glance including live pricing, full product details, multi-timeframe charts, related news and more.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Intelligent market search

      Advanced search functionality instantly delivers live market information helping you seamlessly build custom watchlists. Pinpoint market information and find relevant news and analysis quickly and easily.

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    Cutting-edge charts

    Our powerful new HTML5 charts provide advanced tools to help you identify the trading opportunities that matter.
    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Precision drawing tools

      Our extensive drawing tools allow you to pinpoint trends, easily drawing triangles, Elliott waves, Fibonacci patterns and more.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Position forecaster

      Plot your potential P&L and risk/reward ratio on a chart with the long and short position forecaster.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Compare correlations

      Overlay multiple markets in a single chart window for more insightful market correlation analysis.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      50+ Technical indicators

      Choose from a range of indicators and technical analysis tools to identify trading opportunities on your charts.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Multiple timeframe view

      Place up to eight timeframes on a single chart for insights on short, mid and long term price history.

    • Trading Tools Technical Indicators

      Chart measurements

      Easily measure the percentage movement, timeframe and candlesticks between points on your charts.