Applying for an Account

  • Q1) I want to open an account, how do I apply?

    Applying for a financial spread betting and CFD trading account is quick and easy. You can apply in a matter of minutes by completing our simple and secure online application form.

    You will be asked about the type of account you want to open (spread betting, CFD or both), your trading experience, your personal details and your financial status. Once your application has been received and approved, we will send you an email containing your account number, which you can then use to log in along with the password that you choose during the application process (please make sure that you remember this).

    Click here to apply for an account.

    Q2) How do I contact New Accounts?

    You can contact the New Accounts Team on the details below:

    Freepost RSAR-ULBK-KKYS
    City Index Limited
    Park House
    16 Finsbury Circus
    London EC2M 7EB

    Phone: +44 (0)20 7107 7371
    Fax: +44 (0)20 7550 4765

    Q3) How long will it take to open an account?

    Once we have received your completed online application form (also providing that we are able to confirm your identity and your application is successful) you will receive an email immediately containing your account details. You will then be able to log in using the account number provided and the password that you chose when filling in the online application form (please remember this).

    If you apply via paper form then your application will be processed within an hour of us receiving it (within office hours: GMT 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday). You will then receive two emails, the first containing your account details and the second containing your password. The second email will be sent 24 hours after the first for security reasons. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can set your password by calling the Client Management Team.

    If further documentation is required then you will receive an email outlining exactly what we need; this will be sent to you shortly after we receive your application form (within office hours). Your account will be opened on the same day that we receive your valid documents.

    Q4) How quickly will I be able to trade once the account is open?

    As soon as your account is opened, we will email you your account number. You will then be able to log in using the account number provided and the password that you chose when filling in the online application form. As soon as you have funded your account (this can be done instantly using a credit or debit card), you'll be able to start trading.

    Q5) Can I apply for a spread betting and a CFD account at the same time?

    Yes, of course. The first question you'll be asked during the application process will be to confirm the type of account you wish to open: spread bet, CFD, or both (in a single account).

    Q6) Is there a minimum deposit required to open an account?

    No, you just have to ensure that you deposit enough to cover the margin requirements for the trades that you plan to make. Find out more about our margin requirements.

    Q7) Do I need to send in any documents to open a new account?

    In the majority of cases you will not need to send us any supporting documents, as we should be able to verify your details online. Occasionally we will be unable to confirm your identity electronically (for example if you have moved house recently), and in such cases we will email you and ask that you provide certain documents.

    Q8) What additional documentation will I need to provide?

    If you are asked for this then we will usually require copies of one document for proof of identity and one for proof of address. You will receive an email detailing specifically what we need - you can then send these to us via email, fax or to our freepost address.

    The following are examples of documentation that could be requested:

    • Identification Documents: machine readable passport, machine readable national identity card, photocard driving license.
    • Proof of Address (dated within the last three months): utility bill, council tax bill, bank or credit card statement, mortgage statement.

    Q9) Can I apply from outside of the UK?

    Applications are considered from any country; however for certain countries additional documentation may be requested in order to verify your identity.

    There are certain countries (eg. USA & Turkey), whose citizens would be unable to open an account with us due to their domestic financial regulations. However, this is very rare and the vast majority of countries are eligible.

    Q10) Can I open a joint account?

    Yes, you can open a joint account with somebody else, however there is a special application form for this which must be completed and sent to New Accounts. Please note that you cannot add a second named person to an existing single account, you must apply for a new joint account. You are also permitted to hold a joint and single account simultaneously. See our Joint Account Application Form.

    Q11) What happens if I am not in full-time employment?

    Your application will be considered based on your individual circumstances; these include both income and savings.

    Q12) I already have a spread betting account, can I change my account so that I can trade CFDs as well?

    Yes, you just need to apply for a CFD account - upon approval our system will recognise that both accounts are owned by you and link them together. You will be able to log in to your new CFD & spread betting account with either of your sets of login details. The same is true if you hold a CFD account and want to open a spread betting account.

    Q13) How do you go about setting up a corporate account? Are there minimum deposits or trade sizes?

    The only requirement is that the company current account holds at least £50,000. There is a special application process for this as extra documentation is required, please contact New Accounts if you are interested.

    Q14) Do you offer SIPP accounts?

    Yes, please contact the sales team to get a further information.