'An important step' in the integration of GAIN Capital
into the StoneX Group

On 28 February 2021, StoneX successfully migrated
GAIN Capital UK Limited (GCUK) into its StoneX
Financial Ltd (SFL) entity. It follows the acquisition
of the GAIN Capital Group by StoneX Group Inc. (formerly INTL FCStone Inc.) in July of 2020.
Nigel Rose, CEO of GCUK

‘This is an important step in the integration of GAIN Capital into the StoneX group, and gives us an incredible opportunity to leverage their capabilities and ecosystem of products, enabling us to deliver an even more comprehensive offering to our customers. StoneX has more than 100 years of experience in financial markets and as a company listed on NASDAQ, it meets strict standards in corporate governance, financial reporting and disclosure.’

Giles Watts, Senior Vice President, Regional Business Director

‘We are excited about the future for City Index and FOREX.com as a part of what is a global financial services network. Our clients will benefit from a richer product offering as well as the expanded resources and greater scale of the combined firm. By bringing together GAIN’s expertise in serving the retail customer and StoneX’ unparalleled access to the financial markets it creates an exciting value proposition and enables the combined group to serve a wider range of customers.’

The migration of GAIN Capital UK to SFL means that it has transferred all its rights, obligations and liabilities and live and demo accounts to SFL with the effect that SFL is now a new party to all live and demo account Terms and Conditions, and will operate those accounts, substituting GCUK.

It doesn’t impact how live and demo accounts are accessed or operate, neither does it fundamentally change the way personal data is processed.


Does SFL participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

Yes. As with GCUK, all SFL clients are protected by the FCSC.

Will clients’ positions be affected?

Clients’ trade positions will be unaffected and can continue to be managed in the same way as under GCUK.

Does this change the way clients fund or withdraw?

No, clients can continue to deposit, withdraw and manage their account balance(s) in the same manner as under GCUK.

Will client account protections be affected?

No, clients will continue to benefit from all protections applicable to their account(s) today, including negative balance protection where applicable.

Will we be changing the product offering to clients?

There will be no changes to the product offering arising as a result of the migration of clients from GCUK to SFL. Clients will continue to have access to trade all of the same products under SFL as they have done under GCUK.

Will the regulator stay the same?

Yes, clients’ accounts under SFL will continue to be regulated by the FCA in the same manner as under GCUK.

Will client account leverage be affected?

No, client account settings, including leverage, will be the same at SFL as under GCUK.