Advantage Web

  • Our latest offering, Advantage Web enables you to spread bet, trade CFDs or FX from the same platform. Our browser-based platform comes equipped with the following features:

    • Deal through charts
    • One-click dealing to increase the speed with which you trade
    • Fully customisable screen layouts
    • Multiple charts embedded into platform layouts

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    What is Advantage Web?

    Advantage Web is a highly customisable browser-based platform which has been designed to help you to trade the markets successfully.

    To see the platform in action, and find out more about its features, tools and customisation options, check out the video below.


    What are the benefits of Advantage Web?

    Want to know exactly what Advantage Web can do for you? See how our browser-based platform can bring an exciting new dimension to your spread betting or CFD trading strategy:

    • Deal through charts: Now, there’s no need to switch back and forth from the deal ticket. Trade the markets, place and amend orders directly on the charts with this easy to use and timesaving feature.
    • One-click dealing: Increase the speed with which you trade the markets to make sure you don’t miss out on trading opportunities in fast moving markets. Alternatively, switch to double-click dealing.
    • Fully customisable screen layouts: Create the perfect trading screen layout to suit your style and preferences with our highly customisable features.
    • Multiple Charts embedded into platform layouts: Want to watch multiple charts at the same time? Advantage Web allows you to embed multiple charts into your chosen platform layout.
    • Ease of Use: The intuitive interface and highly customisable features create a trading experience that’s simple, easy to use and can be suited to anyone’s preferences.
    • Watchlists: Create and amend multiple watchlists, grouping together individual markets to suit your trading needs.

    The features in more detail


    Deal through charts

    Enter trades and place new or amend existing orders directly on the charts with a few clicks to give you greater trade transparency. Our deal through charts functionality enables you to visualise your current and potential trades better against the chart and pinpoint optimal entry and exit points easier.

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    One-click dealing

    When you spot a trading opportunity, it goes without saying that you need to be able to open positions quickly. With one-click dealing, you can enter a trade at the click of a button – leaving you with more time to focus on your wider strategy and take advantage of beneficial price levels before your entry point slips away.

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    Multiple charts embedded in platform layout

    Once you’ve chosen your customised and individual platform layout, you can embed the day’s charts anywhere you like. This allows for greater synergy between your platform and the charts themselves, meaning you never have to miss an opportunity again.

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