Start spread betting

  • It's easy to begin spread betting with City Index. Simply follow our 3-step guide and you could be spread betting with us in minutes:

    • Step 1: Open a spread betting account

      You need to open a City Index account in order to start trading with us. Our application process is simple and secure and you can apply for an online account at any time by filling in our online application form.

      Once we’ve successfully completed the verification process, we’ll send you an account number by email to confirm that your account is open. Shortly after that, our account managers will contact you by phone in case you have any additional questions.

    • Step 2: Fund your spread betting account (minimum deposit £100)

      Once your City Index account is open, you’ll need to transfer funds into the account to start trading. Your initial deposit must be at least £100 and the minimum amount to deposit after that is £25. For information on how you can transfer funds in and out of your account, see our help and support section.

    • Step 3: Start spread betting

      Trading with City Index is easy – our trading platforms enable you to spread bet and trade CFDs from a single platform. All you need to do is log in, choose whether to spread bet or trade CFDs, pick your markets and start trading.

      You can access live price feeds, streaming charts and news instantly and trade 24 hours a day. Our range of trading platforms include online trading, our City Trading iPhone™ App and mobile and tablet trading.

      Details of our markets can be found by clicking on the online Market Information icons on our Trading platform.

      Would you like to reactivate your City Index account? Simply fill in our trading account reactivation form and we will activate your account as quickly as possible.

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