Spread betting vs standard trading

  • Spread betting is an alternative to regular trading and offers multiple features such as leverage, the ability to go short (trade on falling markets) and  instant access to over 12,000 markets. Spread betting also enables you to enjoy tax-free profits.

    See how spread betting measures up to traditional shares dealing and find out which form of trading is most suitable for you.  

    Spread betting vs other forms of financial trading:

    Feature Spread Betting Other Forms 
    of Trading
    Free from Stamp Duty*
    Free from Capital Gains Tax*
     Free from Commission Yes

    Dividend and Interest Adjustments Payable to your Account Yes¹ Yes
    Leveraged Trades Yes   
    Access to Global Markets Yes Yes
    Ability to go Long and Short Yes   
    Immediate Dealing
    Yes Yes
    Physical Ownership of the Financial Instrument   Yes



    ¹Positions are adjusted to reflect dividends.

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