Rise of the Female Trader

  • Figures show that the average annual profit of the top 20 female traders with City Index is £271,225. We ask, who are they and how do they do it?  

    1000%+ Rise in Female Traders in 10 Years

    Since 2001, the number of female traders opening an account with City Index has risen by 1434%; with the number of trades being placed rising by 194% in the past four years alone.

    A spokesman for City Index commented: “We are seeing a rise in women taking control of their personal finances and becoming more open to the opportunities that retail trading provides.”

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    Rise of the Female Trader [IMG]

    Rise of the Female Trader: A significant rise in female traders has been seen in the past decade

    Female Trader Profits over £1 Million

    One of City Index’s most successful female traders, a 51-year-old living in Windsor in the UK, has profited just over £1,200,000 to date (May 2012).

    A 19-year old shop assistant – the company‘s youngest active female trader – has made a total profit of £11,222, whilst a contract teacher earning £32,000 a year has profited over £158,000 through her City Index account.

    This data will prove surprising for many who commonly believe that women trading on the future price movements of popular markets such as the FTSE 100 would be based purely within senior executive positions.

    Tip: Find out more through the Rise of the Female Trader infographic produced by City Index.

    Housewives and Teachers Trading Part-Time

    The most popular occupations of City Index’s top female traders include housewives, teachers, secretaries and those working in administration.

    Significantly, those also listed as self-employed feature among some of the top female traders taking positions through the City Index trading platform.

    It could be suggested that due to the ability of City Index account holders to access the trading platform online and through a mobile trading app; female traders are able to fit trading around their work to suit their individual lifestyles.

    Tip: Find out more through the Rise of the Female Trader infographic produced by City Index.

    Why are female traders choosing City Index?

    City Index offers traders – both male and female – CFD trading, spot forex trading and financial spread betting accounts alongside a suite of educational tools, resources and guides.

    Further support and education is offered through trading seminars, hosted by their leading market analysts.

    One such analyst, Sandy Jadeja (Chief Technical Analyst) noted that, in particular, female spread bettors tend to be more thorough with their research, stating: “Just over 12 years ago, the attendees at our seminars were 100 per cent male. Now, that figure has dropped to about 70 per cent.”

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