Spread Bet and CFD Terms and Policies

  • This area of our site contains important information about our Terms and Policies, Disclaimer, Risk Warning, Key Service Features and more. Please read these documents carefully before you open a Spread Betting, CFD Trading or Forex Trading account with us. Have a question? You can get in touch with us using one of the options on our Contact Us page.

    Terms and Policies

    This includes General Terms, Supplemental Terms, Regulatory Notices and Policies.
    Terms and Policies (FX, CFD and Spread Betting)

    Further information regarding:
    Pricing and Fees

    City Index Connect

    This document contains the terms of use for the City Index Connect social trading platform.
    Connect Terms and Policies(Spread Bet and CFDs)

    Connect Privacy Policy

    This document is the privacy policy for the City Index Connect social trading platform.
    Connect Privacy Policy  

    Market Information

    This provides the commercial details of each Market, including Market hours, Margin Factors and other requirements for dealing in each Market. The Market Information is available on the Trading Platform.

    Central Counterparty Clearing

    This document provides details of our central clearing process and how this may affect your account.
    Central Counterparty Clearing Guide