• Speculate on Crude Oil from just a 4pt spread

    • Spread bet or trade CFDs on a wide range of commodities including energy, grain and soft markets
    • UK Crude Oil spreads from 5pts; US Crude Oil spreads from 4pt; Wheat spreads from 1.25pts
    • Multi-platform access via our desktop platforms and mobile and tablet apps

    With your City Index trading account, you can now gain exposure to a range of commodities including US and UK crude oil, cocoa, coffee, sugar, pork bellies, wheat and soybeans.

    Please note: Due to the increased market volatility around the EU Referendum vote, we have introduced some temporary changes to margin requirements in order to help protect clients' accounts. As a result of this, the margins below may not be currently applicable, please see this page for the most up-to-date list of margin requirements.”

    Commodities market information

    Markets Spread Pricing Spread Hours Margins
    US Crude Oil
    Trade US Crude Oil from just a 4 pt spread and CFD trade from a 1.5% margin
    Variable From 4pts 11.00pm-10.15pm 1%
    UK Crude Oil
    Take advantage of our tight fixed spreads on UK Crude Oil. Spread bet from just 7 pts.
    Fixed From 5pts 1am-11pm 1%
    Natural Gas
    We offer variable spreads starting from just 41 pts on Natural Gas markets
    Variable From 19pts 11.00pm-10.15pm 3%
    Spread bet on Corn from just 1.25 pts and trade CFDs with a 5% margin
    Variable From 1.25pts 1.00am-1.45pm 2.30pm-7.15pm 3%
    Trade wheat with variable spread sizes from just 1.25 pts
    Variable From 1.25pts 1.00am-1.45pm 2.30pm-7.15pm 3%
    Coffee C
    Spread bet and trade CFDs on Coffee markets from a fixed 0.9 pt spread
    Fixed 0.9pt 9.16am - 6.30pm 3%
    Orange Juice
    We offer tight spreads and low margins on all of our Orange Juice markets
    Fixed 0.6pt 1.00pm - 7.00pm 3%
    Soybean Oil
    Spread bet on Soyabean Oil from just 9 pts. Trade CFDs with a margin of 3%.
    Variable From 9pts 1.00am-1.45pm 2.30pm-7.15pm 3%
    Sugar No 11
    Fixed tight spread betting available on Sugar No 11 from just 0.06 pts
    Fixed 0.06pt 8.30am- 6.00pm 3%
    Cotton No 2
    Trade CFDs and spread bet on Cotton No 2 with low margins and tight spreads
    Fixed 35pts 2.00am- 7.20pm 3%

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