• Q1) How do I open an MT4 account?

    You can open an account via our Apply for an MT4 Account form.

    Please note: City Index forex accounts and City Index MT4 accounts are separate. You need to apply for a City Index MT4 account to access the MT4 platform. So, if you already have a City Index forex account, this will run separately to your City Index MT4 account. You will not be able to access MT4 with your City Index forex account log in details.

    Q2) Why do I need a separate forex account for MT4?

    The City Index trading platform (Advantage) offers a number of complex features not supported by MT4 - such as the ability to place multiple stop and limit orders with varying sizes against a single position. 

    Because of the difference in the capabilities of these platforms, we are required to offer a separate account type specifically for MT4. As such, City Index MT4 accounts run separately to standard City Index forex accounts. 

    So, if you'd like to open a City Index MT4 account, please click here

    Q3) How do I download the MT4 platform?

    Once your account has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email with your MT4 account login details, plus a link to download and install MT4 onto your computer.

    You can also download the MT4 Platform from our MT4 download page.

    Q4) What can I do if I am having trouble downloading the MT4 platform?

    Once you have opened a City Index MT4 account, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain a link to download MT4.

    If you have not received this email or have deleted it by mistake, please contact our Client Management Team who would be happy to assist you further.

    Please note: For MT4 to work correctly it must be installed on a location to which you have admin rights (this would normally be the C: drive of your computer or laptop.) 

    Q5) How do I log in to my MT4 live account?

    Once you have received the confirmation email with your login details, and have installed the platform, you're ready to log in.

    Open MT4 on your computer or laptop and choose the appropriate “Server” on the log in screen.

    For live accounts, please select the “CityIndexUK-Live 102” server.

    For demo accounts, please select the “CityIndexUK-Demo 102” server.

    Q8) Can I trade on my MT4 account via my mobile device?

    Yes, City Index MT4 is available across a number of platforms, including desktop, iOS and Android devices. Please go to the download page for the relevant platform.

    With your MT4 account, you can trade across the following platforms:

    Q9) What is the minimum initial deposit?

    The minimum initial deposit is £100.

    Q10) Why can't I see all my currency pairs on the market watch?

    To view all available markets, right click on an existing currency pair and select ‘Show All’. 

    Q11) My Trade Terminal has disappeared, what should I do?

    This is likely due to the terminal being accidentally minimised. To restore a minimised Trade Terminal, just click on the three dashes that are found on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

    Q12) How do I change my password?

    To change your password, just navigate to the following menu: 

    Tools > Options > Server > Change.

    From here you will be asked to enter your current password, and then the new password.

    Q13) Do the EAs run even when I am logged out of my MT4 account?

    No. EAs only run while the MT4 client is open and authenticated.

    Q14) How do I change my leverage?

    You can change your leverage on each currency pair via the Market Information sheet.

    Please note that, if you have open positions, you will be unable to adjust your leverage in that market. You need to close all of your open positions before you can adjust your leverage.

    Q16) How do I change the base currency of my MT4 account?

    Unfortunately the only base currency currently available is GBP.

    Q17) How do I enable one-click trading?

    You can enable one-click trading via ‘Settings’. Please be aware that one-click trading enables you to enter/exit positions very quickly and for that reason should be used with caution.

    Q18) Can I have multiple stops/limits per open position?

    No. Unfortunately MT4 only supports one stop/limit per open position and the size of these stops/limits must be the same as the open position.

    Q19) Why is my financing not showing in the ‘swap’ on my open positions in MT4?

    When using your City Index MT4 account, financing charges will be deducted daily rather than being amalgamated throughout the duration of your trade. You’ll see these as separate entries in your account history.

    Q21) Where can I learn more about MT4 and how to use it?

    We have an extensive selection of MT4 tutorial videos, which can be found here.

    Q22) How can I contact you if I have any more questions?

    If you wish to discuss any aspect of your MT4 account, or have any other questions, please contact our Client Management Team - we're are happy to help.