Trading Webinars

  • Our webinars are specially designed to help you improve your spread betting and CFD trading skills from the comfort of your own home or office.

    All our webinars are free to use and can be accessed even if you do not hold a live trading account with us. All you need is a computer with a broadband connection to get started.

    The great thing about our webinars is that they give you the flexibility to start and stop viewing at the touch of a button, meaning that you can continue learning at your leisure.

    What to expect in 2015

    This January, our market analysts are taking a retrospective look at 2014 and making their predictions for the year ahead. Join Ashraf Laidi, Ken Odeluga and James Chen as they focus on stocks, indices, equities and FX in hour-long webinar sessions.

    Ashraf Laidi's webinar
    Ken Odeluga's webinar
    James Chen's webinar

    James Chen's webinar series


    In this first part, James gives you an overview of the markets and how to trade:

    • Overview of trading the markets
    • How to spot opportunities
    • Real-time examples and tips

    James takes you through the important platforms and tools you need to get started:

    • Getting started with the platform
    • How to use charts
    • Setting up your trading dashboard

    An introduction to both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as how to spot entry and exit points:

    • Introduction to technical and fundamental trading
    • How to spot trade entry and trade exit points
    • Risk management tips

    Part four sees James introduce basic technical trading tools and techniques to help you spot opportunities:

    • Overview of popular technical tools and techniques
    • How to spot resistance and support lines in the market
    • How to use moving averages, Fibonacci and candlesticks

    It's time to take your trading to the next level with James' intermediate strategies course:

    • Intermediate strategies widely used today
    • How to use multiple time frames
    • Correlation tactics

    In this final part, James introduces how to create the perfect trading plan and how to avoid psychological trading errors:

    • How to create a comprehensive trading plan
    • Introducing trading psychology and emotional trading errors
    • Becoming a better trader

    Recorded Webinars

    Introduction to Spread Betting

    Learn more about spread betting with our eight-minute animated guide

    • Features of spread betting
    • How to place trades
    • Understanding leverage

    Introduction to CFD Trading

    Find out more about CFD trading and how it works with our eight-minute webinar

    •  What is CFD trading?
    •  Understanding leverage and using it to your advantage
    •  How to place a CFD trade

    Introduction to Forex Trading

    Learn how to trade the most liquid market in the world with our eight-minute guide

    • Introduction to forex trading
    • Features of forex trading
    • Understanding forex pairs 

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