Trading Academy

  • Trading Academy


    Who will win the £100,000 prize?

    Over six weeks, City Index will demonstrate that with the right education and support, anyone can learn to trade the financial markets.

    But who of our eight finalists will perform well enough to win the £100,000 cash prize? Competition entry is now closed.

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    Trading Academy

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    What is it?

    • Six-week web series
    • Eight aspiring traders
    • Weekly trading challenges
    • Lessons from the world's top experts
    • £100,000 cash prize to win

    When is it?

    • Eight aspiring traders will be selected by early October 2012
    • The first episode of the Trading Academy series will be available for viewing on the City Index website on 30 October 2012. Don't forget to subscribe for updates
    • The application phase is now over 

    Where is it?

    • This section of our website will be updated to broadcast each episode within an interactive environment, so you can test your trading abilities against our eight contestants
    • The series will also be syndicated across You Tube and several media partners

    The £100k Prize

    • Each week will see one of our eight aspiring traders eliminated from the competition
    • Contestants will be judged weekly on their total profit or and loss, as well as on their trading progress through the Academy
    • In week six, the final two traders will battle it out for the £100,000 cash prize

    Our Expert Mentors


    Ashraf Laidi

    Chief Global Strategist

    Ashraf Laidi is our Chief Global Strategist, focusing on foreign exchange and global macro developments pertaining to central bank policies, sovereign debt and intermarket dynamics. Ashraf's insights on currencies and commodities have won him several #1 rankings with FX Week and Reuters, and can be found regularly on CNBC TV, Bloomberg, CNN and Reuters Insider.

    Visit Ashraf's Blog 

    James Chen

    Chief Technical Strategist

    James Chen is our Chief Technical Strategist. James is one of the most widely respected technical strategists in the forex markets today, and is author of numerous highly popular trading books including Essentials of Foreign Exchange Trading. James regularly provides insights on the markets via a number of leading business channels and publications.

    Visit James' Blog 

    Episode Guide


      Week 1 (30th October)

      The first week of the Trading Academy series sees the introduction of our eight aspiring traders as they embark on their first trading challenge. Who will survive the first week?


      Week 2 (6th November)

      Our remaining seven traders will tackle another trading challenge, but who will be packing their bags at the end of the week?


      Week 3 (13th November)

      The remaining six traders will receive insights from a special guest analyst as they reach the mid-point of the Trading Academy


      Week 4 (20th November)

      Week four sees the final five traders tackle another asset class but will they heed the expert lessons of Ashraf Laidi and James Chen?


      Week 5 (27th November)

      Will the pressure get to our four remaining traders in the penultimate week as they edge closer to the grand finale?


      The Grand Finale (3rd December)

      Remember to tune in for the grand finale of the Trading Academy as the three finalist traders go head to head for the £100,000 cash prize




    Age: 25
    Occupation: European Financial Headhunter
    Trading Experience: Less than a year

    I have the ability to pick up new concepts quickly and have a determination to succeed in everything I do. I have a hunger and passion to win and not fail which has seen me be successful in many other aspects of sport and my career. If I take this mentality into the competition it will give me an advantage. It is clear that John McMeekan has an extensive track record of success and will be one to watch.



    Age: 39
    Occupation: Director, Waste Disposal Co.
    Trading Experience: 1-4 years

    I feel quietly confident but my biggest competition at this stage is John McMeekan – he’s a true gentleman, but also a trader to watch out for! If I was to choose any of my fellow traders to win, it would be Hilary though. She’d be a testament that with the right mind-set and education with City Index, you can succeed as a trader.



    Age: 32
    Occupation: Freelance Journalist/Trader
    Trading Experience: 1-4 years

    I saw the Trading Academy as a unique opportunity to develop my trading skills under the guidance of City Index's professional analysts and traders – but I would be lying if I said the cash prize wasn't the biggest draw! I feel that as long as I stay disciplined and aware of my emotions, I can win. Regardless, the knowledge I hope to accrue during the competition will hopefully give me the confidence to become a full-time trader.



    Age: 27
    Occupation: Recruitment
    Trading Experience: Less than a year

    The main reason why I believe I can win is because I am disciplined. My biggest competition in the Trading Academy, is the market itself. If I had to choose any of my fellow traders as the winner – it would be Hilary; she is the only person who has never traded before and so if she won, it would prove that anyone can learn to trade successfully with City Index in just 6 weeks!



    Age: 56
    Occupation: Management Consultant
    Trading Experience: None

    I work as a Humanist Celebrant, whereby I help people to create personal – non-religious – weddings, baby namings and funeral ceremonies. I haven’t any previous trading experience whatsoever, and that is why I am here. I am keen to learn. I am in it, to win it. And I am going to go all the way!



    Age: 25
    Occupation: Unemployed
    Trading Experience: 1-4 years

    I applied for the Trading Academy thinking that if you don't try, you’ll never know! Not in a million years did I think I would be in the final eight, so when I first got the call I thought it was a joke! But I really do believe I can win this. It will be a tough battle but I know I have the right attitude and hunger to succeed to get the job done.



    Age: 29
    Occupation:Client Services Executive (Studying to become a Black Taxi Cab driver)
    Trading Experience: Less than a year

    I'm a big believer in 'you have to be in it to win it' and I think I can win because I have a good understanding of the markets and a willingness to learn, which I think are the key attributes of the future winner. If I won the cash prize, I would concentrate on my Knowledge of London studies to become a London Black Taxi Cab driver and of course – make some strategic investments for my future.



    Age: 52
    Occupation: Maritime Consultant
    Trading Experience: 5+ years

    The opportunity to learn from such world class professionals as Ashraf Laidi and James Chen is priceless and this is a rare competition where age is irrelevant, and maturity may be an advantage! This competition is about control of one self, while maintaining a structured approach to all trading actions – which is why I believe I can win – and if I did, I would use some of the money for a surprise for each of my nieces!