Partnerships Solution

  • Formed in 1983, the City Index Group has nearly 30 years’ experience in developing bespoke solutions for institutional clients the world over.

    We recognise that no two partners are the same; meaning we deliver a fully branded and highly customisable partnership service, within impressive timeframes, individually tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

    Sales & Marketing Initiatives

    Whether you are a mid-sized IB, recent White Label or integrated API client – we recognise the need to play a part in the ongoing support of your business in order for the relationship to grow. This is done through various sales and marketing initiatives.

    Beyond our exclusive online trading education and resources for your clients, we are able to run a series of offer-based campaigns targeted at your client base.

    Personalised Service

    Using our extensive experience and knowledge of the market, we can advise you on which campaigns you could run to maximise revenue. Additional website infrastructure includes economic calendars, price feeds, demo accounts, landing and online application systems and more.

    The provision of guest speakers for events, webinar libraries and seminar materials sit alongside automated trading ideas and tier 2 charting programmes all of which are available for City Index partners.

    Budget Advice

    In addition, we have found that partners can benefit from planning their marketing budgetary spend alongside the City Index Group. This can lead to a reduction in cost for the partner due to our purchasing power as a Group and increased website traffic and search results using our internal and global digital marketing team.

    For more information on our partnerships services, please contact the Institutional Partners Team on:

    +44 (0) 20 7107 7007