API Solution

  • The City Index Group’s API Solution transports our own high liquidity access gained through direct access to, investment banks and brokers to our partners' clients.


    Trading API Services

    In turn, our partners are able to offer their clients the added advantage of narrow spreads, access to low liquidity assets and 24-hour pricing; culminating in maximum speed, efficiency and access.

    As a Group we are seeing increasing demand for the provision of our API services.

    Enabling existing institutional clients, such as Barclays Stockbrokers, to connect their own platform with the City Index Group’s servers; their clients are provided with fast, efficient and high liquidity access to prices, orders, trades, and margin information on over 12,000 financial instruments.

    The Middle Man

    Our API solution is typically supported by an omnibus account, meaning that the end clients’ details remain undisclosed to the City Index Group and API partner clients maintain full control and management of their client trades and positions.

    In this sense, City Index merely acts as a ‘middle man’ to source and transfer high liquidity to our API partners, which they can then offer to their clients.


    The advantage of the API to many brokers is the ability to offer more products to existing customers using just one account; this is particularly common amongst FX brokers seeking to expand their product range with CFDs.

    Our API is available in JSON and FIX and supports both FIFO and non-FIFO versions.

    For more information on our API services, please contact the Institutional Partners Team on:


    +44 (0) 20 7107 7007