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  • At City Index, we offer low commissions, tight spreads and margins from 1% on over 10,000 global financial markets. These include shares, indices, currencies, commodities, sectors, interest rates and options.

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    We offer CFDs on major global indices in the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Indices are the most widely traded markets in the world and the UK 100 is one of the most popular instruments among new traders. At City Index, we offer some of the tightest spreads in the industry, including 1-point spreads on the following. Find out more about our indices markets.

    • UK 100
    • Wall Street
    • Germany 30
    • France 40



    At City Index you can use CFDs to trade on thousands of shares listed across world markets, including the UK, US, European and Asian stocks. Margins start from just 4% on individual shares, with commissions as low as 0.1% of the total trade value.

    Our share commissions are as follows:

                              Share Commission            Minimum Commission Charge  

    UK Shares           0.1%                                      £10

    EU Shares            0.1%                                      €25

    US Shares            0.15%                                    $25


    We offer tight spreads and low margins on over 40 major and minor currency pairs including GBP/USD, EUR/USD and USD/JPY. Our forex CFDs include Spot and Futures and our margins start from 1%. See our list of currency markets.


    You can trade CFDs on a wide range of precious metals. Our spreads start from 0.4 points for gold and 2.5 points for silver.


    At City Index, you can trade CFDs on US and UK crude oil, cocoa, coffee, sugar, pork bellies, wheat, soybeans, orange juice and oats. Our spread for US crude oil is just 4 points.


    We offer competitive CFD spreads on a number of bond markets including US Bonds, Euro Bunds and UK Gilts. Our CFDs for bonds start from just 0.5 points. Find out about our bond-based CFDs.

    Interest Rates

    Do you have a view on interest rates? You can take a position on the base-line rates of countries such as the UK and EU with our short-term interest-rate based CFDs. We offer CFDs on a range of interest rates including Euribor, Eurodollar and Short Sterling, with spreads starting from just 0.02 points. Find out about our interest-rate CFDs.


    We offer a range of options on a number of indices, currencies and commodities markets online and UK and US equities over the phone. Learn more about our options markets.

    Still unsure about which CFD markets are best suited for you? Call 0800 0721107 for answers or let one of our in-house sales executives give you a run-though of our various CFD trading markets.


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